The platform is officially open. Now anyone can access to register their user, start uploading content and quickly earn $BSY Token. But what is $BSY?

We will talk about the features, basic information, as well as the current and future utility of the $BSY token.


With the social media platform we present a feature that we call "Post to Earn" and that allows all users to earn BSY tokens while publishing their content or by interacting with other users.


Basically we are one more platform to upload photos, videos, news, music and others but where by doing so, you will earn a cryptocurrency.


So let's talk about our BSY token, its features and its utility!


Basic information

Project name: BROOMSTOFLY, LLC.

Currency: BSY ($BSY)


Network: XRPL (XRPLedger)

Issuing account: rbsycYaPpKu56uDLMw8nmu1Pmv5fuMbA4

Distribution accounts: rBpawGD2gL4Tt2T9RR56NXqqnoqtauZKE2


Supply: 606 060 606 BSY



The first feature about the BSY token is it’s easy to access and exchange at quick speeds with low transaction costs, all thanks to the resources of the XRPL network (XRP Ledger).


The XRPL has an integrated decentralized exchange (DEX) and in this way it is very easy to exchange BSY for XRP. With XRP as one of the main cryptocurrencies in the market, it is widely accepted by centralized exchanges (CEX) around the world which makes it easier for all users to convert to their local fiat currencies whenever they want.


For example: a user who wishes to withdraw their BSY earned on our platform with the ultimate goal of exchanging it for their local currency of their country can simply do so in a short time by using XRP as a bridge (BSY/XRP/CurrencyOfYourCountry).


Then it's time to talk about the utility of the BSY token.

As we said earlier, has just recently been launched and many of the functions are under development and will be integrated into the platform over time. We have discussed the implementation of a subscription program enabling users to offer paid content, wallet with gateway etc. All this will come further down the road but let's talk about the current usefulness of the BSY token.


We have created a series of initial rules that by having a certain amount of tokens, users will be able to have access to more features. For example: all new users are moderated but it is possible to skip moderation by holding a minimum of 100 BSY in their accounts. We implemented this rule to try to control spam and fake accounts. Another feature unlocked by holding 10000 BSY is being able to comment on the wall of your favorite content creators. Additionally, users are able to vote posts up or down as well as able to flag posts/users once at 1000 BSY.


Now it's time to talk about a feature that in our opinion is very attractive and can become very important for users if they learn how to use it based on their personal interests…it’s the #TopScoringUsers!


The #TopScoringUsers is a ranking of users based purely on their amount of BSY and can be easily accessible for everyone by visiting the "Top Users" tab in the left side menu. What does this mean and why do we think it will be attractive to users? Well, everyone has the opportunity to appear on this top list and thus attract the attention of other users to promote their content, brand or business to a larger audience. It doesn’t matter how large your account is in number of followers, only by holding tokens in your account can users put themselves on the list.